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Professional Residential Power Washing and Restoration Services


If you are a homeowner in the Williamsburg, VA area - or anywhere between Providence Forge and Newport News, VA - we think you'll find our power washing, exterior cleaning, and restoration services to be of great use to you.  Please take a minute to browse through our list of services to see all the ways we can keep your home beautiful...

Brick Paver Sealing

Brick pavers give your home a rich, beautiful look, but they can become a real eyesore if not properly maintained.

Using the top-rated Seal'nLock System to restore the beauty, luster and "wet-look" of brick pavers allows us to provide our customers with stunning paver restoration results that are second to none.

Say goodbye to those dull, faded looking brick pavers.  Our trained, professional technicians have the proper professional equipment and top quality Seal'nLock products to turn those unsightly, worn-out looking brick pavers back to the thing of beauty they were meant to be.

Driveways • Sidewalks • Patios • Pool Decks & more!

Rust Stain Removal

Few types of stains are known for being extremely ugly and equally hard to remove as those dreaded rust stains.
This is precisely why Lenny's Power Washing & Sealing utilizes the unparalleled rust stain removing power of 'F9 BARC' - an exclusive, professional-grade product rightfully known as "The World's Best Rust Remover" - to remove these awful stains, wherever they may appear.

Ideal for removing rust stains from any part of your property:
.....• Driveways, Sidewalks & Patios
.....• Siding, Soffits & Window Frames
.....• Roofs, Flashing & Gutters

Driveway Restoration

A clean, attractive driveway is an important part of your home's overall beauty and appearance.
Concrete and aggregate driveways are subjected to Mother Nature's worst all year round.  The constant barrage of dirt, dust, moisture, fallen leaves, and freeze/thaw cycles can do real number on the appearance of your home's driveway, not to mention the warping, cracking and chipping that can occur if left neglected for too long.

Driveway Restoration consists of a top quality power washing to clean away dirty buildup or stains, and is followed by an application of clear or tinted sealer (solid stain for stamped concrete) to protect it from the elements and keep it looking clean & beautiful for years to come!

Pure Water Window Cleaning

No home exterior is fully clean without clean windows!

The accumulation of dirt, dust and bird droppings can really ruin your view of the outside world.  But all too often window cleaning companies leave behind a mess of water streaks and spots on your window glass that make you wonder if you weren't better off before they showed up.

Our superior method of window cleaning uses a pole-fed "Pure Water" technique that will not only deliver sparkling clean results, you also won't be left with any of the residual streaking or water spots on your window glass that other companies leave behind.

Have dirty skylights or light fixtures?  We clean those, too!

Wood Deck Restoration

Has your once beautiful deck turned dull, gray and weathered looking?  Let us put our wood care expertise to work for you!
Wood decks and fences lose their beauty over time due to factors like UV-rays and moisture buildup.  This can also lead to more serious (and costly) problems like cracking, warping and wood rot.  We can help!

Our Wood Restoration process restores true beauty to your deck!

1) Wood Stripping (if necessary) to remove any old stain or sealer

2) Wood Cleaning to remove built up dirt, grime or algae growth

3) Wood Neutralizing & Brightening to prepare the wood surface

4) Wood Staining & Sealing to restore color & protect it for the future

Gutter Cleaning & Protection

Whether it's time for your regular gutter cleaning, or if you're ready to make it a thing of the past, we're here to serve you! 
The accumulation of leaves and debris in your gutter system can lead to clogs, ice dams, and costly interior water leaks and foundation damage if left unchecked.  But don't risk your own neck high up on a ladder - leave it to the pros at Lenny's Power Washing & Sealing!

Tired of scheduling gutter cleanings?  We now offer professional sales and installation of a full line of top quality gutter cover protection systems! 

​​​Low Pressure House Washing

Don’t let dirt, grime, mold and mildew buildup on your home's siding negatively impact its beauty and curb appeal!
Our Low Pressure House Washing method safely washes away those unsightly contaminants with incredible results you have to see to believe. And unlike conventional "high pressure" power washing, our specialized Low Pressure technique poses zero risk of damage to your home's exterior, while delivering a more thorough, longer-lasting cleaning. 

Ideal for all types of home exterior siding cleaning:

..... Vinyl, Aluminum & Wood Siding

..... Stucco & Dryvit Siding

..... Brick, Stonework and more!

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Why spend thousands on a whole new roof when we can make your existing roof look like new again for less!
Those unsightly dark stains and streaks on your roof (caused be an algae growth that feeds on the limestone filler in your shingles) severely impact your home's beauty and curb appeal.  This is a problem that many Williamsburg, VA area homeowners face, but how can it be solved?

If you're thinking about roof replacement, think again!  Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning technique safely removes those ugly algae stains with no risk of damage to your roof shingles.  And the best part is that your existing roof shingles will look clean and new again for only a fraction of the cost of roof replacement!

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Power Washing & Restoration Services for Williamsburg, VA Homeowners